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My 1994 Z28 Camaro

My 1994 Z28 sitting on stands in the doctor's office :)
To the right you can see my MAC headers with their factory HTS coating complimented by Taylor universal ignition wires and Russell wire looms
I have had no problems with my "uncoated" MAC headers but I do plan on coating them with Paul Barry's wonderful ceramic coating for cosmetic purposes. Many have said that Russell wire looms will not work on single cat F-Bodies. I just bent the looms a little on both sides to fit between the heads and the AIR fixture on the headers and it works great!
A relatively good shot of my engine bay
Notice how well the BMR shock tower brace matches my factory paint in the bay. Oh and yes, I did paint the stock TB plate with high temp red paint. It also matches perfectly :)
To the right is my TCI Master Racing Overhaul Kit
The kit came with the band, new clutches and seals among other things. I am very happy with the performance of this kit thus far.
The following pics are of my transmission rebuild which took place winter of '00
To the left is an overall shot of the total disassembly of the transmission

To the right here is another shot I took after the complete removal and disassembly of the transmission. Here you can see into the cavity of the 4L60E automatic transmission after the clutches, steels and lower end valve body were removed.

This is the lower valve body assembly from the transmission. There are various parts seen here but I thought I would put this pic here for those of you who want to install a shift kit. If you ever choose to do so, this is mainly what you will be dealing with :)