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The Central Ohio F-Body Association

Here you'll find pics and info for all the cars that belong to the men and women of the COFBA who struggled off their lazy butts and sent me a pic :)

Anthony Green's Z28:
Anthony (aka Bonemaro and the President of the COFBA) is always finding something else to strap on or into his green monster. I'd tell you all his secrets but he may just give me another ridiculous title on the COFBA message board for it!
Todd's Super Sport:
Todd is into the wasting of pitiful 200,000 mile imports. Keep killin 'em Todd!
FaztLT1's Formula:
This car is another reason why everyone should come and meet all of us in the COFBA. Just wait till you hear the rumble out of Matt's Formula!
Tommy's Trans Am:
Another beautiful addition the the COFBA collection of F-Bodies.
WS6 Dave's Formula WS6:
Good picture Dave!
Dave's Z28
Nice car Dave. Good looking 17 inch polished Eagle rims. Say, how many people named Dave are in this club? :)