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1988 Firebird 2.8 liter engine swap:

Due to a spun bearing an engine swap was in order
The old motor was the original 2.8 with almost 140,000 miles on it. The new motor was a rebuilt 2.8 from a 1986 camaro with a larger than stock Comp Cam and other new top end components.

Old 2.8 going up and out!
The lighting is really insufficent for this pic but you get the idea :) The car is on 4 jackstands and the transmission, bellousing, torque arm, and shifting assmbly and console have all been removed. The top end of the motor has also been removed and all connections, pumps, and hoses have been removed from the motor as well.

The old and new motors:
On the left is the old motor. On the right is the new motor still on the forklift that was used to unload the motor from the back of the truck.
Accessory Changeover:
All of the pumps, brackets, accessories, and electrical fittings had to be changed over because of the difference in the setup between the 1986 Camaro and 1988 Firebird motors. The '86 motor used a double serpentine setup and the '88 used a single serpentine setup. Also, all the fittings that connected some hoses, such as the AIR system, and electrical fittings needed to be swapped over so the new motor would hook up to the old wiring harness.
The new motor before installation:
Just to make life easier we installed the new motor with the bellhousing and transmision already setup and attached. Don't try this on a V8 car though :)
We had just enough room due to the smaller 2.8 engine size to get the whole powertrain down into position. Notice the nice job Todd did painting his valve covers red and installing the red Taylor ignition wires.